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Towards Pachino – 10 minutes

Protected oasis, from the clear and unspoiled ocean beach, nesting sea turtles. Last staging area for migratory birds leaving for Africa. Full of beaches, cliffs, coves, dunes and hidden bays. Do not miss the tuna and the remains of the Greek city Eloro.


Towards Catania – 90 minutes

The largest active volcano in Europe. Full of snow until March, offers indescribable shows, and in the summer becomes a real lunar landscape. If you come up to Rifugio Sapienza is possible to go hiking. A Jeep, will take you up to the craters where outcrops of volcanic activity are present.

Fonte Ciane

Towards Siracusa – 20 minutes

Scenario of myths and legends, it is one of the most beautiful places in the area of Syracuse, known around the world for the beauty of its papyrus similar to those found in the river Nile. And ‘the papyrus settlement “Cyperus Papyrus Linneo” most important in Europe. For the
more daring you can go up the river with a canoe and be able to admire the rich vegetation.



Towards Palazzolo – 40 minutes

Natural Reserve declared by UNESCO World Heritage Site because of the high historical, archaeological, caving and landscape. The necropolis of the Valley dell’Anapo are crossed by streams that run through an indisputable canyon beauty.



5 minutes

Baroque capital of Europe, declared World Heritage by UNESCO, and defined by poet Cesare Brandi “Garden of Stone”. It is known throughout the world for the splendor Baroque architecture. Completely rebuilt in the early ‘700 after the devastating earthquake of 1693, has more than 30 churches, several convents and palaces. But the real jewel is the cathedral for that has been elevated to the Papal Basilica Minor.

Palazzolo Acreide

Towards Noto – 30 minutes

One of the most characteristical of the Iblei, famous for its Greek theater and the original city Akrai, stage of many battles during the first decades, D.C. Palazzolo is a city of traditions, symbolized above all by its religious festivals “St. Paul and Saint Sebastian “. Do not miss the ethno-anthropological museum, the Casa Museo “Antonino Uccello”.


Towards Catania – 2 hours

Always fashionable meeting place, is 200 meters above sea level, and has a special shape that makes it look like, in its structure, to a real
terrace on the Ionian Sea, enjoying a breathtaking view of Mount Etna. Particular for its “streets”, which very much recall the typical Sicilian village. Also important is the Greek theater.

Piazza Armerina

Towards Palazzolo Acreide, Caltagirone – 2 hours

Famous for “Villa Romana del Casale”. It dates back to the third century D.C., the villa, protected by UNESCO since 1997, has belonged to a member of the Roman senatorial aristocracy, perhaps a governor of Rome. Beautifully decorated with beautiful mosaics, unique in its kind for the reduced size of the blocks and the famous women in bikinis, or gymnasts.


Towards Palazzolo Acreide – 1 hour and 40 min

Known as the capital of Ceramic of Sicily. Spectacular “Staircase of Santa Maria del Monte” now the emblem of the city, built in 1606 It is long 130 meters and has 142 steps all adorned with colorful majolica.

Villa Romana del Tellaro

Towards Pachino – 15 minutes

Rich residence of the fourth century A.D. Outstanding for carpeted floor of three rooms of mythological hunting scenes and dances, made with million tesserae in limestone and engulfed by intense natural colors. Paintings full of animals, flowers and faces that seem to splash out from the drawing.


Towards Pachino – 20 minutes

Picturesque fishing village, developed around the Tonnara, where tuna fish was processed. The square with the church, housing and the eighteenth-century villa of the Princes of Villadorata have served as scenery for numerous films made by filmmakers such as Salvatores



Towards highway to Siracusa – 20 minutes

Syracuse, with its myths and legends, has always been renowned for its archaeological area, with the Ear of Dionysus, the Altar of Hieron, the Rope Makers Cave and the Greek Theatre, the latter still used for classical performances that are held in May and June. Do not miss a visit to the Isle of Ortigia, always been considered the heart of the city, with the beautiful cathedral square and the Fountain of Arethusa.


Calamosche Beach

Towards Pachino – 5 minutes

Small and charming bay, in the natural reserve of Vendicari, protected from the currents, with calm waters and very white backdrops like
sand. Ideal for diving among the many caves and rich of sea fauna.

San Lorenzo Beach

Towards Pachino – 15 minutes

The beach of San Lorenzo is located just outside the boundaries of Vendicari Wildlife Reserve, to the south. Thus combining the beauty and charm of a natural setting of clear water and golden sand, with the convenience of essential services such as bars, showers, parking.


Towards Pachino – 10 minutes

Protected oasis, from the clear and unspoiled ocean beach, nesting sea turtles. Last staging area for migratory birds leaving for Africa. Full of beaches, cliffs, coves, dunes and hidden bays. Do not miss the tuna and the remains of the Greek city Eloro.

Island of the Currents – Carratois Beach

Towards Pachino – 30 minutes

Located at the Extreme tip of Sicily and Europe, where the two seas, the Ionian and the Mediterranean meet. connected to the mainland by
an artificial arm, destroyed several times by the waves. When there is low tide the island becames a peninsula. A short walk from the Island of Currents, on the beach of Carratois with the background of white and soft dunes, you can observe magical sunsets.

“Eloro” Beach

5 minutes

The beach of Eloro is named from today archaeological site, which you can visit and admire the ruins of the greek settlement.
The Eloro beach, is about one km long, with fine white sand and blue turquoise sea, is the ideal place for families, thanks to the proximity of the parking lot and its tranquility.